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Fatcow hosting is one of the top 10 lead hosting providers in the industry. Fatcow hosting has maintained its position in the market by truly following its motto of customer satisfaction. They achieve their motto not only by providing outstanding services and products but they also have a mentionable customer support.  

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Fatcow Hosting does not believe in fooling their customers through confusing plans and pricing schemes. Fatcow hosting has a simple mantra of pay for what you use. They do not try to lure customers by providing unnecessary features and products that only add to the cost and are not used at all. In this Fatcow review we will judge the services of Fatcow hosting on various parameters and see whether Fatcow hosting deserves all the appreciation it has received in other Fatcow reviews:

Fatcow review: Fatcow Hosting Features

In this Fatcow review we will do an unbiased analysis of Fatcow hosting. Fatcow hosting offers two simple plans.The first one is The original Fatcow plan. This plan covers all the essential features that are useful for small and medium business owners. The other one is the Minimoo plan, which is useful for beginners or people who maintain a personal blog or website and who have a minimal budget.

Some of the important features of The Original Fatcow Plan are:

  • Free setup.
  • 1 free domain name (applicable only for first year of the plan).
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Bountiful storage space and network Bandwidth.

  • Unlimited domains per account.
  • Unlimited customized POP email addresses per account.
  • Free Website building and analytics tools.
  • Unlimited templates to choose from.
  • Free photo galleries and blog installation wizards.
  • Free shopping cart and selling tools like PayPal.
  • Free search engine submission.
  • Free Google Adwords credit worth $100,
  • Free  Yahoo  marketing credits worth $50
  • Free Facebook marketing credits worth $175.
  • Free Yellow pages listing.
  • Supports development platforms like Wordpress, PHPBB and Joomla etc.
  • 24/7 customer support via phone, email and chat.
  • Free step-by-step online tutorials.
  • Partnerships with Affiliate, Reseller and Referral Programs and free credits for the same.
  • 24/7 server monitoring.

The essential features of the mini moo plan are as follows:

  • 1 single domain.
  • 1 POP3/IMAP email account.
  • Free email forwarding.
  • Auto email responders.
  • Free Under construction page.
  • Free Website development tools like Weebly.
  • 24/7 amiable Customer Support via toll free number.

Fatcow review: Fatcow Hosting Plans

With the Original Fatcow Plan, users are provided with an absolutely free domain name accompanied with unlimited domains and sub-domains. Fatcow provides bountiful of storage space and network bandwidth. To help you build your website, Fatcow provides abundant email accounts, MySQL databases with free website building tools. Fatcow also offers free SEO submissions, free Yellow Pages listing along with free online marketing credits worth $175of all the three major players Google Ad words, Yahoo and Facebook. To manage your website from anywhere at any time Fatcow offers a customized Control Panel. All these shared hosting features are available at a 30 days money back guarantee.

The original Fatcow Plan is most suitable for people who wish to start their online business. Besides the free marketing credits which are essential for any eCommerce website, Fatcow hosting also offers a free shopping cart and Shared SSL certificate for transaction security. If you face any problem, using any of these features or services, you can straight away contact the very amiable customer support through phone, chat or email anytime. Thus in the game of plans and pricing, Fatcow hosting has a win-win situation in this Fatcow review.

Fatcow review: Fatcow Plans and Pricing:

The Original Fatcow Plan with unlimited domains and sub-domains, unlimited network bandwidth and dozens of freebies is available at just $3.15/mo. If you wish to have a long lasting relationship with Fatcow hosting you can buy the same plan at a yearly fee of $40/year. Doesn’t it sound simply amazing? No hidden costs and no unnecessary formalities, all the required features at a fixed pricing of just $3.15/mo.

If your cow is not that fat, that is you are just interested in a single domain with some necessary storage space and bandwidth for your personal blog or website, then you should buy the Mini moo Plan. The Mini moo plan is available at a cost of $5/year. Hard to believe, isn’t it?
In this Fatcow review, Fatcow hosting is the only hosting provider that offers such low cost hosting beating all its competition.

Fatcow review: Excellent Customer Support

The outstanding customer support by Fatcow is just the icing on the cake. Fatcow hosting has a really amiable customer support team which eagerly helps customers in solving issues however simple or complicated. The customer support can be reached anytime via phone, mail or chat on any day of the week.

Along with the personal support, with every hosting plan you get free video tutorials on all the important topics related to website hosting and development. Besides all this, you can access the FAQ section of the website to solve your problems anytime.
In this Fatcow review we give Fatcow hosting extra bonus points for its excellent customer support.

Fatcow review: Trustworthiness

In this Fatcow review, trustworthiness is the most important parameter on which any web hosting should be judged. Fatcow has a successful uptime of 99.9% which means your visitors can access your website anytime without complaint. Also you will not unnecessarily lose your customers because of low uptime. Besides this Fatcow offers unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases with shared SSL certificate, so that there is never ever a problem in customer retention or transaction management.

Fatcow takes appropriate measures of keeping up its promise of reliable uptime by doing a 24/7 monitoring of its servers. Also if you are extra cautious about your data and site backup you can buy on request Site back-up and restore services at a nominal annual fee. 

Fatcow review: User-friendliness

Fatcow realizes the fact that all its users are not computer geeks and hence it offers free web building tools, free SEO submission and 24/7 customer support to make the lives of its users easier. Besides these the important feature of Fatcow hosting plan is the customized Control Panel with the help of which users can access and manage their websites at anytime from anywhere.

The free video tutorials and the FAQ section on the website are also a helping hand for the users in many critical situations. Hence on the scale of user-friendliness Fatcow hosting wins hands-down from the rest of its competition, in this Fatcow review.

Fatcow review: Conclusion

Fatcow is a company that makes a friendly bond with its customers be it through economic plans and pricing or through and outstanding customer support. In this Fatcow review, we give Fatcow successfully achieves its aim of customer satisfaction by providing the customers all what they need in an easy-to-use and friendly manner.

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